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Farm Credit Leasing

Leasing can be an excellent alternative to conventional financing that provides flexibility as your business grows. Leasing through Farm Credit may provide a better option than owning assets outright. Call 800-919-FARM (3276) today to find out if a loan or a lease is right for your business.

Leasing conserves working capital

Purchasing new assets often depletes working capital to make a down payment. Leasing gives you the benefit of having the asset and the lease company essentially provides the down payment. Traditional leases give you the option to return the asset to the lease company at the end of the lease or buy the asset by paying the residual.

Leasing improves cash flow

Leasing offers lower payments because the payment is based on the portion of the equipment’s value expected to be used during the life of the lease. The residual owed to purchase the asset at the end of the lease is based on the estimated remaining value of the asset. The payment schedule can also be customized to match your cash flow.

Leasing provides tax benefits

Leasing assets can generate tax benefits compared to owning the asset. The entire lease payment can be a tax deductible operating expense when the lease is structured properly. Leasing can accelerate the tax deductible portion of the asset compared to traditional depreciation and better matches the tax write off to the payment schedule. Be sure to consult your tax professional to talk about the possible benefits of leasing before entering into the lease agreement.

Leasing is convenient

Leasing provides a structured way to consistently upgrade the profit generating assets on your operation. It gives you the flexibility to have late model and high-tech equipment without taking the ownership risks.

Farm Credit provides leasing for virtually all types of assets used in the agriculture industry, including:

  • Tractors, combines, forage harvesters, skid steer loaders, etc.
  • Fleets of automobiles and trucks
  • Ag production and processing equipment
  • Material handling equipment 
  • Buildings and other real estate improvements
  • Grain bins and silos

"We chose the leasing option instead of buying outright with Farm Credit EXPRESS financing due to the cash flow flexibility it gave our operation. It is was a better fit."

Scott Sink, Hethwood Market (Blacksburg, VA)

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